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Mycelium from a local variety showing promise

I'll post a summary of this trial in the Aminopyralid groups 2011 research discission.

Hi JC- I'm guessing the colored cups with taped "Blue labels" are the 'control group in potting soil" and the colored cups with "Red-labels"  are the smi-compost trial?  I'm not able to read the labels from here.  I'll do my best to ignore the cup colors, as I assume the cup colors vary between tests.  I looked over all the other pictures too!  Interesting.

J. C. Walker,Jr. said:
These shots are showing the first six sunflowers: 3 in potting soil and 3 in 1 part smit's compost and 3 parts potting soil. Notice the viens on the first leaves. The effect of Aminopyralid caused elongation, asymetrical formation of the viens, and enlargement of the viens as well.
From this distance - blue label group looking sturdy.  Whick is the control group - the blue labels or the red labels?  Looking forward to reading your summary in the future.

J. C. Walker,Jr. said:
This is oyster mycelium and the control group. They went under the 14 hr light cyclce 2 days after the first group

Red ( cup or tape ) does indicate contamination.


I've introduced the peas to positive and negative controls along with various mycelium. They are now on a 12 hour light cycle.


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