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Hi there mycophiles,
Have you or can you do any investigation into the aminopyralid herbicide and possible remediation fungi? If we could get a chemical compound description of the chemical we might be able to compare it to other remediation projects that have worked on similar herbicides. I just looked at the EPA fact sheet on line. It's not highly toxic to anything but broadleaf plants, but it does have a long residual effect in soil. My guess would be that there is no barrier to using oyster mushrooms for getting it out of the affected soil. A commercial garden I know of is experiencing the effects, and it is a possible that we could help them out. I will try to get us connected up with this project.
Juliet – that would be great if you made the farmer connection willing to do some mycoremediation trials!
JC & I spoke on the phone today on this topic; I gave him a couple leads, and he is aware of both the Oyster Mushrooms and some that he is considering as part of the process.
We'd like to have someone contact Fungi Perfecti and request information on who if anyone is working on this toxic herbicide.

I'm working on a draft discussion that I'll post later on the Earth Garden group titled:
“Healing Toxic Soils & Waters- Solutions, Trials, & Ideas for Bioremediation & Mycorestoration”.
I'll plan to write what I know gardener/farmers are currently doing, post the resource connections that have already been shared, and encourage more ideas from others too.

We are also wanting to learn the evolving details of what the dairy farmers are working on to deal with the herbicide that is accumulating on their lands within the manures...Maybe we'll learn more at the Lynden Fair next week if we each make a point to go and talk to the farmers.
I've not yet read this weeks Cascadia Weekly that I hear has an article...

JC - I love the online research your doing! Thanks for sharing your vision & knowledge to help heal our community lands & waters.
MSDS–Material Safety Data Sheet for Aminopyralid from Dow AgroSciences LLC

Aminopyralid Material Fact Sheet from US Depart of Energy

I just heard from JC, he may be offline until Monday or so.
He asked if I could look up and post some of these MSDS. Links (Material Safety Data Sheets).
(Welcome Walter!)

Chemists & Scientists – can you let us know if this chemical is an oil based chemical?...We are thinking it may be.

Mushrooms Break Down Oil & Plastics

And More Links:

Report Prepared for US Forest & Parks Dept 2007

TMEN 9/4/2009

Mycoremediation Definition through Wikipedia

FireDogLake Online News Aricle 2008 re herbicides in compost & soils

Links from Dow: Negative and Positive Testing Profiles
The WSU Extension is saying to heavily irrigate contaminated soil. The M.S.D.S. says to not use water in case of fire so as to not spread the contamination. Which is it?
I have 2 bags of tainted compost, so trials can begin soon. I hope to have some results to share early next year.
ahh -- Brilliant!

J. C. Walker,Jr. said:
I have 2 bags of tainted compost, so trials can begin soon. I hope to have some results to share early next year.


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