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We are moving and need to find a new home for our 7 Khaki Campbell's, one drake and 6 laying hens. They do not need a pond, just a deep enough water dish to clear their beaks/nostrils after eating. These hens lay most of the year with very little time off in the winter. They need no special housing; they shunned the nice house we built for them in favor of a nice pile of hay protected from the wind all winter! They have produced ducklings and are fun to watch. Their all time favorite food is slugs but they also like leftover greens from the garden. They do not come when called but can be slowly "herded". They are safe to scavenge among mature plants but will uproot seedlings or starts, so they are great at eating bugs and slug babies in a vegetable garden that is well established. Protect them from coyotes at night and eagles during the day and they will give you lots of yummy, rich eggs. I have a customer that buys 2 doz. eggs a week for $6/doz who would love to continue buying from you as long as the ducks stay on an organic, no soy layer feed. Google the nutritional value of duck eggs compared to chickens and you will be surprised. Call Pam at 739-3945. I would like $50.00 for the ducks and the feed. I just bought a $30.00 bag of feed today, bring buckets and you can take it with you.

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Would you consider selling three good layers separately to live on a double lot in town?

Yes, call me, 739-3945


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