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In the future I could see this as a document that gets updated, but for now we can use this space to collect locations where resources are made available for free in Whatcom County.

Like--the table that's out in the yard pretty much year round on the 1400 block (maybe 1435?) of Franklin Street, where you can find stuff--generally household stuff--for free. 

In my ideal vision, Transition Whatcom members would begin to create more of these little "stuff depots" around the County, and especially at WWU.

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1400 Block of Franklin Ave...thank you to this neighborhood!

Let me know if there are any other urban or rural locations...especially ones open after 5pm, on weekends, and have some protection from the rain. 

that table has had almost all garbage for like a year.  It's had dirty/stained/crusted underwear and other dirty laundry-- really it's been real gross.  People need to stop thinking it of a garbage can and start thinking of it as a place that's like a free thrift store or "gifting" place.  It used to have useable stuff, but maybe everyone placed what they could live without there already and have nothing left.  I honestly don't even want to put my clothing there anymore because of how dirty everything has become.  I was thinking about putting some stuff in ziplocks though.  Maybe it will get better this spring.  Things fluctuate.  I made a meetup group  it's worth checking out.. I put down no broken electronics because most people don't want them, but I will take small ones for free because I take them apart and use pieces out of them.  I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with the plastic shells though.


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