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disaster preparedness and unique opportunity for Transition Whatcom education

I am meeting tomorrow with Flip who manages the Columbia enewsletter to discuss organizing a core of people responsible for disaster response education and needs assessment in our neighborhood.

We will send out information on preparedness and work to have some assessments of neighbor's needs (for example if someone is not mobile and would need help, or if someone is at work when a disaster hits and cannot get home to turn off gas, etc.)

Further than the immediate action, Transition Whatcom people who understand the grater need for self reliance in context of the "long emergency", now have a unquie chance to educate our community about resillience and to help everyone reach toward more self reliance -- before the emergency.

I lived within miles of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California. From that experience I know what the immediate response need is for neighborhoods, what people need to think about in preparation for the reaction to the shock that comes with earthquakes.

This article calls out the Cascadia Subduction Zone as exactly like the one that created the 8.9 quake in Japan.


Please let me know, or contact Flip if you are interested in getting involved.

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Hi Laura!

GREAT!  I'm so glad you are taking this on and moving forward with this!!


I am C.E.R.T. trained but currently my plate is super full with job searches and housemate searching....when things move to relatively stability I am delighted to get involved. 


Please keep me in the loop of discussions and meetings information! 


Sincerely,  Jamie Jedinak - Columbia neighborhood!

Hi Jamie,

Look for the update in the Columbia newsletter! We will host a map may neighborhood preparedness meeting covering the CERT details and ask folks to host block workshops to do the mapping. I will also post information on the main transition page.

Laura - on Lynn St.

look for information on "forum" page under Climate Change. Should be up in a few days.


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