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Angela and I are signing up for the Community Energy Challenge.  There is a possibility that further discounts can be leveraged if a significant number of homeowners in our neighborhood sign up at the same time.  Let us know if you're interested. See the attachment for the Energy Challenge flyer.

Over the next 18 months, the Community Energy  Challenge aims to make energy efficiency
improvements to 900 homes in our community. 


Below is an overview from the website: .

Right now it's easier than ever to reduce your energy costs, improve your comfort, and increase your house's value!
The One Stop Energy Shop leads you through every step of the way.

Step 1: You sign up for a home energy assessment.

An energy assessment from the One Stop Energy Shop provides you with the latest technology in residential diagnostics, helping you to properly insulate
home, address home comfort issues and reveal opportunities for how you
further lower your energy bills. The initial $95 fee (a
service valued at $600) will be put towards your energy efficiency
improvements when you begin recommended upgrades within 6 months.

    Community Energy Challenge Headquarters
      1322 N. State St
       Bellingham, WA

Step 2: We provide a customized Energy Action Plan.

After a thorough home inspection, your Home Energy Advisor produces a full color home energy
report documenting existing conditions. This report comes with a
Energy Action Plan detailing quick fix, low cost and long-term

Step 3: We help you reduce energy use and find affordable upgrades.

Once a variety of cost-effective energy efficiency solutions have been presented, we will
guide you through the process of enacting these measures. The One Stop
Shop connects you with financing opportunities, reliable contractors,
assurance, and ongoing technical assistance. Get ready to watch the
roll in!

Want to get your name on the list today?
your full name, street address, phone number and email address to

We will contact you with some additional questions and get you started.
note that while the program ramps up we will likely have a higher demand
we can fulfill, and it may be a number of months before we can get to

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

For a detailed description of of CEC cash incentives click here

For any additional questions please contact us at or 360-676-6099

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Thanks for posting the information, David. I just signed up and they're booking into November right now. You can send in your info or get going more quickly by making a stop at the One Stop Energy Shop (1322 State St - same office as Sustainable Connections. It takes about 10 minutes. So easy.

To answer the main question most people have: you only do the improvements you choose to do. They let you know what will improve your home's efficiency and you fix it on your own timeline.

It looks like Banner Bank is offering some special loan rates and financing opportunities for people signed up. I'll be a good test to see if they;ll finance self-employed people. ;-}


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