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Comment by Heather K on April 23, 2010
Gaia's Guardians (& volunteers) - Work-group of Earthcare Volunteers & Landowners dedicated to co-creating biodiverse landscapes of community gardens, farms, orchards, forests, greenhouses & kitchens to balance localized food growing with eco-restoration.

Supporting each others eco-social-evolution dreams...

"Whats Good for the Planet is Good for People" - M.T.

Comment by Heather K on April 23, 2010
First draft on name "Planting Seeds of Change Volunteers" will be changed.
The group was approved unexpectedly by TW admin before the community connection was established.
I do have a good idea of what will emerge as a name.
R - I liked your suggestion though -
'Volunteers: Planting Seeds of Change', but to honor what is emerging with the vision Naomi is birthing I will most likely not use the words "...of change"....within the title.

Comment by Rebecca Meloy on April 22, 2010 Is this group Volunteers: Planting Seeds of Change
This Sat, May 8th we had the first Rolving Garden Work-Party & Meal in the Columbia neighborhood.
Thanks Dannah & Jeff & all for co-creating this! Let us know how it went!
Luke S is interested in getting some more momentum and energy going with creating more gardens from unused lawns & lands. I'm connecting him up with Shannon M and Jeff W who have been involved many other local grassroots advocates with the 'food-not-lawns' movement (that also is the name of a great book with same title by Heather Flores from down in Eugene area.). I think Luke may also be connected with Chris E. from local BUGS gardens.

It would be great if we could use this group to help channel & promote all the different volunteer opportunities for creating new gardens in our area, plus for assisting landowners to find gardeners & visa versa!

Dannah great to hear about Jeff W bringing up getting the Tues Rolving-Garden-Work-Parties going again. Anyone is welcome to connect with Jeff to help initiate this! (maybe Luke will help out with this!)

I've not added the comment section to this Gaia's Garden group yet, hoping we could use this seperate discussion, (to help reduce spam that sometimes comes in from new TW member advertisements)....but the group-comment section could be added back in if that would be helpful.
I'll forward this message to folk.
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Danah Peace said:
Hello everyone!

We had a great work party this weekend! The sun was warm and made the earth and plants smell sooo wonderful. Jeff W., Dana D. and I were able to make a great start for our neighbor on Washington to install her raised beds. .......Kimberly, a jounalist student from WWU came and talked with us about the idea of neighborhood organizing and garden parties. ...... Jeff made a good point when we talked about garden work parties and timing. He suggested that we also consider Tuesday evenings, as weekends are often busy for folks. The idea is for a get together around 5pm or so.., then for the host to provide a main dish around 6 or 6:30. ....... Peace! Danah
Rolving Garden Work-Party this past Sat May 22 drew a small group of us to work together out on Sandie L place- which is out by Marietta & Fort Bellingham. Good soil and lots of beautiful sky dome overhead! The chickens now have an better pen! Tomoatoes & squash in the ground, and carrots & beets have been thinned! A new staw-bale garden bed is in the process of being built! Delicious hot stew, cornbread & salad was provided to nourish us afterwards.

This Sat's work-group was promoted at the last minute through email. In the past we usually do garden-work exchanges on a weekday evening. Be sure you are on both Shannon's Garden E-News and Jeff W. email to receive their notices!

Anyone wanting to help promote more garden work-parties and bringing volunteers together in both the city & county are welcome to join in and help out with this work of passion.


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