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What can I do at this point in the season about a bad infestation of winter moths in our fruit trees? Should I wait it out and deal with it in the fall?

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Making choices on what to do in the garden depends....each plant & garden-habitat & micro-climate is different....each person has a different way of observing and dancing with the earth...

David, I wrote a fuller response to your question in this blog:
“Garden-Servant Update: fertility, nourishment, & water in temperate climate mid-spring”

Short summary written below from that blog:

* Make yourself a cup of warm brew and go outside and observe your garden & trees & use all your senses to breath in deep the wonders unfolding.
* Water the trees deeply once a week, provide some extra nourishment through foliar feeding when you're able, prune out & remove dead wood or heavy insect infestation, and research the insects life cycle and take action based on what you learn and intuit.
* Share your experience with others.

If you have just moved into a new home, often the best thing to do at a new homeland, is observation for a whole year – full solar seasonal cycle.
Some of your choices are the “Do Nothing” method of waiting it out with the critters, or the “Manipulative, Armed & Dangerous' methods.....or the method written of in my blog of “Co-creating as a Garden Servant providing water & nourishment & diversity”.

Read more at:
“Garden-Servant Update: fertility, nourishment, & water in temperate climate mid-spring"

David, link that you provided on the winter moth by the ag-extension looks good:


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