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Sharing Our Tips on Caring for the Health of our Fruit Trees

& Berry Shrubs.

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Focus: Anthracnose

I recently attended the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundations summer event and learned how to identify & treat the fungal canker disease 'Anthracnose” (Cryptosporiopsis curvispora: (sexual: Neofabraea malicorticis)

This disease is very common in our wet temperate climate and found in many of our trees and even nursery stock.

Even though this disease can co-exist on a mature trees and allow the trees to produce fruit, it can spread to new young plantings that seem to have a harder time co-existing.

Other than the cut & burn method that is currently taught, I'd be interested in learning some healthy actions to take to co-exist with this living fungi organism that also enjoys our fruit trees.

 (Especially established bio-dynamic methods).

(There is ongoing disagreement among PhD's on the ideal season & method to cope with this fungi)


I will compile info that is shared and resource links on this Discussion as they come in.


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Focus: Summer Pruning


Summer pruning of water shoots on trees that have finished fruiting may help reduce the amount of next years water shoots, and help to dwarf the tree for easier harvest.

I'm interested in learning if the trend towards summer pruning (versus the traditional winter pruning) is going to reduce the spread of fungal diseases, or if it will increase the spread.

As yet, I have not learned of any trials that the Skagit Ag Extension is doing on their fruit research plots.






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Hi Heather, next time when you are by, lets look at my lilac trees and tell me if what is growing on them is this fungus, each of the past three years its now getting this....its yuck!
Compost Tea sprays in our soil and on the plants are one Solution to balancing the bio-diversity of health in our gardens.
A potential business for a young entrepreneur would be offering compost tea application on a monthly basis and delivering on a bicycle pulling both the brew & applicator, possibly powered by solar battery or bio-diesel.

Let us know if anyone local is offering these services to homeowners, gardeners.
(I think Sound Horticulture may offer some great services to larger scale businesses, and Cascade Cuts sells great nursery starts that makes & uses some of the best compost teas!)

I do brew my own teas, but sometimes I get behind on my brew-making commitments!


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