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A local chicken farmer recently opined about having  to order chicks from out of state as mail delivery is hard on the chicks. She wishes she could get chicks locally. I learned that she needs 375 layers every two months. She also raises broilers.  


Brooding chicks would involve keeping a breeding flock of quality stock, monitoring them for health and investing in a large incubator. She says if someone is interested she would be willing to work with them on research the requirements.


As I understand it there is no hatchery in Washington let alone Whatcom Co. hers is just one farm and I know of quite a few others. I’m wondering if there is interest in developing such a business in this area.




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Tell her to contact Matt Aamot. He has the incubators already and the experience with higher capacity brooding. He's looking for people to maintain breeding flocks of layers.

Someone contacted Sustainable Connections about this business opportunity, too. I put it out on the Whatcom Farmers' listserve and then gave the responses back to the person interested in starting the business. Not sure where it went from there. I hear it's hard to operate a good hatchery.


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