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Can you recommend a good source of safe composted manure or old straw/hay?

If you have a resource like this on your land, or need others to go in on a bigger purchase, and you can help coordinate pick-up delivery details let us know ( or send me a personal message).


There is a growing network of us who want to join together to purchase more than a few bales or yards of some beyond-organic no-spray plant products, especially hay/straw & animal manures.


Are there any folks in the goat coop, or chicken coop that would go in on sharing a hay/straw order with us?

Let me know if your wiling to contact  local animal coops and communicate about our shared desires?


Another possible source to research is at:


(And yes many of us also already make our own healthy compost from our garden & yard & kitchen wastes)

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For those that have questions on our concerns of this herbicide now effecting the soil & crops in many whatcom lands, you can either direct your questions to the WA U Ag Extension Service, or catch up on the extensive discussion & resources already being posted on our TW site.


Compost & Animal Poo & Organic Matter Locations (discussion within Earth Gardens group)

A New Problem With Commercial Compost (blog by Farmer Walter)
Herbicide tainted manure & compost used for organic farming- Food Coop group disc.

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