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Water Habitat Protection & Community Management (with Paul Cienfugos talks, links)

How we care for the health of the water in our local & living habitats will effect the health & survival of all species, including our grandchildren's children.


In regards to recent legal water issues, my understanding from Paul Cienfugos words are: quote- “...the issue is "water rights", and a recent state supreme court decision basically let stand a new definition of "municipal water supplier" that for the first time includes private (read corporate) developers. In other words, it's yet another expansion of "corporate rights...".endquote.....


My understanding is the supreme court has given the

 'non-living/non-water-drinking' corporations the right to earn a profit from our local living waters over and above the rights & needs of the local population, both human & other living species..


As a reference, I've posted some informative talks & links below.

Please read our local writer Billy Franks article, and also take a stab at reading the Earth Rights org. legal explanation of municipal water rights.


Share your own thoughts and informative links as you wish..


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State Water-Rights Law Hands Developers a Public Resource

by Billy Frank Jr - Bellingham Herald 12/13/10

Billy Frank Jr. is Chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.”



Municipal Water Law 1338: Questions and Answers

from Earth Justice . Org pdf


Municipal Water Law Springs a Leak”

- Jeff Kray, Marten Law Group PLLC in Connections summer 2008


More info on water rights found by googling...Try googling this: “municipal water law bellingham" “


Is a Truly Sustainable Society Achievable As Long As Corporate 'Rights' Trump the Rights of People" - Paul Cienfugos Audio Talk:

Paul Cienfugos Website:


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"Living Democracy " network met together Dec 28th with 11 folks attending.


We know there are many issues to consider in protecting the health of our lands & community, and many different individuals & groups who have long been working towards this.


Some of those attending have taken a weekend workshop on the history of American Democracy, our Constitution and how it relates to citizens monitoring Business Corporation Charters.


For those interested in learning about future workshops or finding out when the Living Democracy workgroup next meets, go to this WT site and request to be put on an email notification list:


Rick D has posted an event for those who have attended a workshop to meet with visiting educator & advocate Thomas Linzey.

Linzey helped Pittsburgh pass their recent ban on natural gas drilling, as well as helped to write Ecuador's constitution which gives nature  inherent rights.

Event link:

Heather, Bless you for this post. Listening to Paul Cienfugos audio talk about paradigim shifts is right on the mark. bravo!


"Herbicidal Contamination of our Farmlands & Waters! Enough! Plus Say No to GMO!

Can We Create Solutions to Protect the health of the soils & waters of our homeland? 

Can we resist & eliminate toxic abusive from corporations selling product that do not have strong scientific evidence that they will not harm our lands & waters? 

How can we create a united community that supports & preserves resilient family farms whether they market dairy, vegi/fruit, or animal?   Can we learn to support our scientists & know when to ask for more research before allowing application of chemicals?"

See full blog post at-

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