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E-mail Submitted to June 2, 2011


Hello Mr. Dan Pike,

I am a longtime resident of Bellingham Washington- I am 27 and have lived here on and off since I was about 4 years old.

Please consider in the Impact Study for the Cherry Point Terminal:

  1. The noise, air, water, and ground pollution from cradle to grave with this project-        Resources used- studying the project, mining and transporting the coal, transporting products and resources, etc... Everything at every stage!
  2. The Political impact-      The United States needs to become a leader in the fight against climate change, environmental degradation, and social justice. This project needs to consider what the long-term political consequences could be if this project goes through.
  3. Long-Term Economic Impact- People move to and stay in Bellingham because of it's quality of life which includes a reputation for strong community, environmental standards, social justice stances, and small business support. We need to consider how this project will impact Bellingham in a Long-Term and Wholistic perspective.

I am available to be involved to lend my support in efforts to Keep Bellingham Great and Make Bellingham Better. I am a recent community college student who has no interest in any jobs being created in a project like this. I want jobs created where we are Creating Value here Locally.

Alternatives to Cherry Point Terminal:

  1. Look at Finland for ideas of how to create high quality and durable products on a small scale. Manufacturing in Bellingham- Small scale is acceptable.
  2. Support Organic and Natural Farming in Whatcom County.
  3. Support Alternative Markets- small farmers markets, street vendors, mini-businesses, local currencies.
  4. Find ways to get businesses sprouting out of the Community College, University, and Technical College.
  5. Support Businesses that Re-Use waste Products rather than Mining Dirty Resources.
  6. Support Businesses that Focus on Environmental and Economic Sustainability AND Social Justice.

I am available for questions, comment, and Support.

Kyler Boyes
1234 XYZ Street Bellingham WA, 45678
(360) 888-7777

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