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bioremediation/phyto or myco -remediation Consultant in Oregon?

Hello all,

It would be wonderful to find a consultant for a bioremediation project- (using plants or mycelium) for a site in NE Portland, OR.

Please send any info my way!

Thanks much,


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Hi Jennifer! Alison with Sound Horticulture does consulting and sometimes makes it down to Portland. She has been doing some remediation trials locally here. Here is a link to her TW page-  


Here is an Earth Gardens network that might interest you-

Link with research sources on mycoremediation -

Article here on” Mycorrhizal Management”-

Edible garden fungi product available here-


You may also want to research biochar!!


Let us know what you learn from your research!


Above reply re your earlier comment- “Would anyone here be available as a consultant for a possible future mycoremediation or phytoremediation project?

An organization called the Native American Youth Association here in Portland, OR is considering a project like this for a small site that they would like to use as a learning garden in the future. Currently their property is surrounded by industial equipment yards- so it is likely that toxic constituents will be found in their soil.”

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