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A very interesting article by Andrew Simms from The Guardian, UK:
100 months

Andrew Simms also has a "100 months" blog at:100 Months Blog

The 100 months blog's latest entry is "87 months and counting..." posted Sept. 1, 2009. Each blog entry represents the world losing another month of time in which to enact a plan to sidestep irreversible climate change.

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Comment by Rob Olason on October 5, 2009 at 3:22pm
You can read the latest blog entry for Month 86, Oct. 1 2009 at Click on the "Our Monthly Blog" button.
Comment by David MacLeod on September 2, 2009 at 9:49pm
Thanks for posting this Rob. Looks like this article is about a year old, so we're down to 88 months now!

A more recent article (thanks to Lynnette for passing it along) in the Guardian:

Excerpts: "...any international agreement forged at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in December will be based on the IPCC's fourth assessment report from 2007. Its estimates of climate change and sea-level rise were based on scientific research submitted up to 2005; the scientists say this is already significantly out of date.

The 2007 report predicted a sea level rise of 30cm-60cm by 2100, but did not account for the impact of glaciers breaking into the sea from areas such as the Greenland ice sheet. Most scientists working at the poles predict a one metre rise by 2100. The US Geological Survey has predicted a 1.5 metre rise. As Hamilton points out: "It is only the first metre that matters".

Record temperatures

A one metre rise – with the risk of higher storm surges – would require new defences for New York, London, Mumbai and Shanghai, and imperil swaths of low-lying land from Bangladesh to Florida. Vulnerable areas accommodate 10%of the world's population – 600 million."

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