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Please contribute to this list of desired tools for a local Tool Library
Corner Sander
Steel Stamping Set
Engraver for metal
Corner clamp
Picture frame clamp
Tubing cutting and flaring set

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Site Planning Tools:

*Solar Pathfinder (solar site shade analysis for yr round chart drawn on site from existing shade elements like trees/buildings, and based on your latitude & shows sun/shade outline for each season)-Valuable in placing solar collectors, winter gardens or spring greenhouses.

*Level- Used in both land surveying and also for setting stakes for creating level building foundations or flow levels for water movement.

* Topographical Maps & Navigational Charts for Bioregion _ two full sets, one to loan and one left at library

Farm-Garden-Forest Hand Tools:

* Grain Thresher:-

* Broad Forks (hand cultivation/aeration of soil before planting vegetables)

* Cross-cut saws for two person hand-harvesting of trees

* Maul & Wedges for wood splitting

* Post hole diggers

Transportation Tools:

* Bicycle Carts- Heavy duty carts to haul heavy & large loads

* Heavy Duty Doleys & flat carts

* Open & Closed Utility Trailors

Misc Tools:

* Portable Blacksmith Tools (heated with charcoal or coal?)

* Portable Pizza Oven & Compost-Humanure Sheds & Bicycle/Biodiesel generators:
for use at large educational & celebrational gatherings
Here is my input of good tools

1. Hand held labeler printer (ex:

2. Electric current clamp (ex:

3. OBD car diagnostic reader (ex:

4. Battery powered data loggers - Temp, voltage, humidity (ex:
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