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The TWIG to TWOG Selection committee is happy to report that the Transition Whatcom Operating Group has been formed!

Transition Whatcom is making its own transition, to new leadership.  The all-volunteer, grassroots group was started early in 2009 by seven local residents who called themselves the TWIG- Transition Whatcom Initiating Group.  As planned, the TWIG has now given way to the TWOG, or Operating Group. 

We are excited about the potential of this group, which we think displays an excellent diversity and a great mix of skills, as per the "mandate" from the following paragraph of the TWIG to TWOG document:

"Organizational Core Group: A group made up of TW members selected by their peers through an application process. The Core is to be made up of 8 people - the intent is for a balance of representation - at this time we will focus on urban and rural, male and female, elders and youngers. At a later time the Core Group and Council may decide to seek a broader spectrum of representation as the priority."

Please join us in welcoming the new TWOG, in alphabetical order...

Tom Anderson
Tom is the lone carryover from the TWIG. He is a mechanical engineer and a former Public Utility District manager, and brings extensive knowledge about the local electrical power system and local water issues. Tom also has a good background in NVC (Non-Violent Communication), mediation, and the Acorn model of organization.  Before the TWIG, Tom served on the city and county appointed Energy Resource Scarcity/Peak Oil Task Force.

Paul Kearsley
Paul is a sustainable design professional, recenly having co-founded Homestead Habitats, LLC.  After receiving his degree from WWU, Paul interned for two seasons at the Bullock Brothers Permaculture homestead on Orcas Island, and has worked as a consultant for their Exos Design business, and has taught numerous Permaculture workshops. Paul brings a systems thinking perspective to the TWOG, and good visual and verbal communication skills.  Paul was the designer of the Transition Whatcom logo, by the way.

Travis Linds
Travis is an entrepreneur (with MBA), as well as an engineer.  He has extensive experience working with biofuels (converting vehicles to run on waste vegetable oil) and alternative energy.  Travis has been involved with numerous groups in Transition Whatcom, and he was one of the founders of Transition Samish Neighborhood.

Angela Mercy
Angela has strong interpersonal and relationship skills, and has worked with numerous peer support groups, including The Compassionate Friends in Seattle.  Her professional career included work as diverse as being a CPA with a large multinational accounting firm and providing personal care to people living with AIDS. She was also part of a team that raised $70,000 to build a library in Mettu, Ethiopia. Angela has studied NVC, has a strong spiritual connection and has enjoyed being a part of Transition Whatcom's Heart & Soul group, and the Energy Addicts Anonymous group.

Warren Miller
As a filmmaker, consultant, and an engineer, Warren brings many skills to the TWOG, including: organizing, writing, communicating, marketing, fund raising, public speaking (many conferences and training sessions) and hard working.  Warren did camera work for Transition Whatcom's Great Unleashing, and also participated in the recent TWIG to TWOG meetings.

Laura Sellens
First learning about Transition at the Great Unleashing, Laura has been a quick study. She has accepted Transition as her lifestyle, and has already made many changes as she works toward greater resilience.  Laura convenes the Personal Finance Work Group for Transition Whatcom, has gotten involved with several projects in the Transition York neighborhood group, and has been networking within Transition Whatcom and the budding initiative in Skagit Valley.  Laura's formal education was in environmental science, botany and chemistry, and has taken the ReSet for Excellence course put on by Excellence Northwest.

Erica Shuhler
Erica currently works as an engineer (air pollution regulator) for the Northwest Clean Air Agency. She has a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering, a minor in Biochemistry, a Master of Science in Soils, and a Master of Art in Mathematics, and she is also a graduate of the Excellence Northwest series of courses. Formerly involved with Bioneers in Montana, Erica has interests in biochar, soap making, native plant skills, communication and empathy skills, herbal medicine, family and community.

Juliet Thompson
Juliet is a gardener living on a biodynamic permaculture farm (Inspiration Farm). Juliet already has much experience with Transition Whatcom: She organized one of our early "Party Up for Power Down" meetings; started Transition Birchwood and sponsored those gatherings; was a key player in the team that planned the Great Unleasing; and has participated in numerous other Transition Whatcom events. Juliet brings administrative and facilitation skills to the TWOG. She enjoys working in groups, contributing to group process and creating achievable goals. 

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Congratulations to the Selection Committee and to the new TWOG members. This new group of leaders has an abundance of skills for moving TW forward. I'm looking forward to seeing how the TWOG helps the rest of us build on what we've accomplished so far!
What an amazing group! Thanks to all who assisted in this transition, and blessings to you, the TWOG. You can change your moniker, if you want, of course! I look forward to working with you and am glad to see such a good mix of practical and visionary. Onward!
This is GREAT!!...WELCOME and THANK YOU for serving US ALL! Love, Jamie
Thank you for such a wonderful welcome! I am honored to have been selected as a TWOG and look forward to serving the Transition Movement : ) I think we have a fantastic group!

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