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Twigs Receive Well Deserved Standing Ovation to Conclude Day 2 of the Great Unleashing

I want to be the first to say (on this site, at least) that Transition Whatcom's Great Unleashing was a fantastic event. One whose impact will be felt for years to come as our country lives out our energy descent--part action planned and no doubt make-it-up-as-we-go. The action plan will grow out of the work leading up to--including--and following the Great Unleashing. The make-it-up-as-we-go part will be contributed by the business-as-usual political and economic paradigm that will be slow to see the energy decline tsunami coming straight at us and even slower to realize the need to get out of the way.

But on this day we can celebrate an incredible two-day event that brought 800(?) folks out on day one and 180 folks day two. The day 2 participants began laying out paths toward a more sustainable future. And as affirming as it is to know that this large number of people made a commitment toward moving our community into a sustainable future, it is even more remarkable to think that the spark for all this human effort resulted from a small-but resilient-group of individuals. They decided to embrace the transition movement as a viable way to respond to the twin crises of peak everything and global hot flash. When they formed the Transition Whatcom Initiating Group (TWIG) they began an intricately complex journey covering many months and untold planning sessions, public events. on-line conversations, and small group gatherings that all resulted in this incredible milestone.

As the Great Unleashing drew to the end on day 2, the TWIG assembled before the gathering.  There really was no other action the participants could take but to show their thanks for such an excellent job performed flawlessly. The group's open forum, instant decision making process swung into action and the result was a much deserved, spontaneous and lengthy, standing ovation.

Brava, bravo, TWIG!

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A well deserved thanks indeed. A tremendous amount of volunteer work from them turned out to be a huge success. Countless hours and a great amount of energy went into the weekend, and the turnout was great, and will only help to create more and more momentum for creating a more resilient community. I am very happy to have been a part since the very beginning when I organized one of the first Transition Whatcom events by showing The Great Squeeze at Fairhaven College. I'm even more excited for the future. I have no doubt that great things are on the way. Whatcom County is simply a great place to be, thanks to everyone, as we all play a part.
Thank you Rob and David! The success of the event was truly a community effort. Many volunteers (including yourselves) recognized the value of this Transition Initiative, and jumped in whole heartedly to make The Great Unleashing a remarkable event in Whatcom County.

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