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This 2.5 minute video was baffling at first. The narrator is riding his bike up a hill in Seattle--with a tow behind cargo trailer--and he is passing other bicyclists. I thought he must be Superman and then he reveals his electric bike secret. Fascinating!

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Comment by Heather K on May 5, 2010 at 2:19pm
Bicycle Power with Pedal-Assisted Electric Motors for Long-Distance Commutes

Hi Tris, Yes, I've done research and share some info on my blog at link posted above.

I'm the first Whatcom county person to have an bicycle with a pedal assist using the Bionex motor.
I was able to obtain one on sale last year. My friends Heidi & Stephan, who used to live in B'ham & now are part of Transition Whitbey , and who work at Seattle Electric, can also help folks add the motor & battery to their own bicycle.

Once your wife tests rides the bicycle she will have a real sense of how amazing it is.
I am still learning the mileage range of my bicycle, and will need to carry the battery into town to charge it before heading back until I have a better sense of how far I can go on a charge.
Every person & situation is different.
Comment by Tris Shirley on May 5, 2010 at 1:26pm
I've been looking into electric bikes a little and this video was a pretty convincing demo of the possibilities. I spoke with the Seattle Electric Bike folks at TGU and they recommend the Bionex motor and control units made in Canada as opposed to a Chinese import like this guy assembled. But the Dewalt power tool batteries he (in the video) used might be cheaper and better. I need to line up a test ride one of these days to see just how comfortable I am with the way electric bikes work. And more importantly, how well my wife likes it. It might be an improvement overy my trusty, rusty Honda 50, but you never know. Anybody else looking into this stuff?

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