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During these times of high energy costs, declining resources, and knowledge about how our energy consumption is affecting the climate, the Community Energy Challenge is a brilliant idea. While the Transition Network has a pilot program called the Energy Resilience Assessment going on in the UK, the Community Energy Challenge is a great pilot program happening right here in Whatcom County, thanks to Sustainable Connections, The Opportunity Council, the City of Bellingham, and a number of other local organizations.

We had our home assessment for the Community Energy Challenge last Monday, and on Tuesday we had the commercial assessment at my workplace.

The residential assessment was like a second stage home inspection, learning things about our house that we didn’t learn from the initial inspection in April before we purchased the home. The charge for this assessment is normally $600, but for the energy challenge it’s being offered for just $95. Definitely worthwhile, even if you think
your home is already upgraded for energy efficiency. The inspection will help you determine if all of the upgrades you’ve done were done properly, or are still holding up. The inspection also includes basic safety issues not related to efficiency. Tools used include a blower door (see attached photo), and a thermal imaging camera that shows warm and cold spots in walls, floors, and ceiling.

Although we don’t have the final report yet, we learned that we have two ceiling panels in the attic that lost their insulation, plus a few other small leaks. A very small gas leak was also discovered on the valve
connecting to our gas fireplace unit.

When it comes to recommendations, they will provide 3 levels of possible actions: easy and cheap, medium cost items, and bigger projects to consider. There are numerous state and federal rebate programs for doing
energy upgrades, and the CEC offers additional incentives on top of this.

Now is the time to act - we don't know how long the incentives will be available! Read all about the program at

Their home page is pasted below.


Community Energy Challenge - Residential

Right now it's easier than ever to reduce your energy costs,
improve your comfort, and increase your house's value!
The One Stop Energy Shop leads you through
every step of the way.

Step 1: You sign up for a home energy assessment.

An energy assessment from the One Stop Energy Shop provides you with the latest technology in residential diagnostics, helping you to properly insulate your home, address home comfort issues and reveal opportunities for how you can
further lower your energy bills. The initial $95 fee (a
service valued at $600) will be put directly toward your
recommended energy efficiency improvements.

Community Energy
Challenge Headquarters
1322 N. State St
Bellingham, WA

Step 2: We provide a customized Energy Action Plan.

After a thorough home inspection, your Home Energy Advisor produces a full color home energy report documenting existing conditions. This report comes with a customized Energy Action Plan detailing quick fix, low cost and
long-term recommendations.

Step 3: We help you reduce energy use and find affordable upgrades.

Once a variety of cost-effective energy efficiency solutions have been presented, we will guide you through the process of enacting these measures. The One Stop Energy Shop connects you with financing opportunities,
reliable contractors, quality assurance, and ongoing technical assistance. Get
ready to watch the savings roll in!

Want to get your name on the list today?
Click here to request an energy assessment.
We will contact you with some additional questions and get you started. (Please
note that while the program ramps up we will likely have a higher demand than
we can fulfill, and it may be a number of months before we can get to your

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

For a detailed description of of CEC cash incentives click here.

Click here for a summary of low-interest loan terms.

For any additional questions please contact us at or 360-676-6099 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 360-676-6099 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

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Comment by David MacLeod on September 26, 2010 at 11:28am
There's a story about the Energy Challenge in today's Herald.

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