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The Occupy Movement

The danger in commenting about the Occupy movement, is that so many of us seem to have a desire to project own own ideas onto the movement, kind of like a Rorshach ink blot.


Initially blacked…


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GET THE WORD OUT! Web video profiles for local businesses, non-profits, farmers, artists & start-ups

GET THE WORD OUT! Is a web video profile package for local businesses & non-profits, farmers, artists and start-ups.  The promotion is sponsored by DuVal Ethnographic/Good Reason Pictures as part of our effort to help build a more vibrant and sustainable creative economy in Bellingham. 

People who are pushing creative fronts are often challenged to put what we are doing into words and contexts that promote economic development and personal well-being.      



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Giving Robert Socolow a Wedgie, and Other Recommended Reading

Giving Robert Socolow a Wedgie (so to speak) by Rob Hopkins

In 2004, Steve Pacala and Robert Socolow published a paper in Science about climate mitigation which introduced the concept of ‘stabilisation wedges’.  This proposed that rather than waiting for some ‘magic…


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Celt's Garden - Hard Cider and Brew Sludge Bread

Time to get the winter squash in. Collect the squash, wash them off, and then go over each squash completely with a wash cloth soaked in clean water with a little bleach added. Allow your squash to air dry and store in a single layer, not touching. They keep well at cool room temperature, 50 - 60 degrees F. Eat in reverse order of keeping qualities. Check the seed catalog or on line. The small C. pepos don't keep as well as the big C. maximas, so plan on Sugar Baby pumpkin pie and baked…


Added by Celt M. Schira on October 12, 2011 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Recommended Reading, Oct. 2, 2011

Celt's Garden: Community Emergency Readiness is All About Attitude

by Celt Schira, Transition Whatcom

...Columbia Neighborhood has spectacular pocket gardens as well as the best organized disaster preparedness in the city. Check it out. I like to walk down the alleys. That way I can peer into people's gardens…


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