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Hi folks,

re: planning for a food security summit, I've been working with a small group to plan the formation of a food network in Whatcom County, to work toward all of us being coordinated in some way. We plan to pull together all the organizations and groups that are working on or within the food system in April or May.

Here's the details:

What do we hope to accomplish by establishing the Whatcom Food Network?

 Purpose Statement (draft)
The Whatcom Food Network is working to build common understanding and facilitate collaborative efforts toward a healthy and equitable food system for all.

Actions to Guide the Work of the Network

  • Identify overlaps and collaborate on opportunities to build community capacity toward a healthy and equitable food system for all.
  • Gain a collective understanding of system-wide barriers and gaps.
  • Identify potential partnerships and opportunities to leverage resources.


Long Term Overarching Functions

  • Increase communication among food system-related organizations, agencies, and institutions.
  • Facilitate collective work toward mutual goals (This last one is place holder for the longer-term and action-based work that might come of having a Network).


Hopefully it is clear from the above Network outline that the purpose is to coordinate and find common ground.

We have had lots of discussions about community engagement events that might map a common vision for food security, or create actions and plans, but we feel strongly that the first step must be to bring together the groups that are already working on food system issues to agree to be coordinated in our efforts.

I am particularly excited about your efforts to do some "plant the seed" events because that is exactly what is needed for the general public education, and to work toward a community food security summit that will engage the most people. Yay!

At our last Network planning meeting we discussed the potential overlap between what the Transition food security group is planning and the Network Launch event.

We would like to invite a few of you planning the food security event to join us in planning this Network launch.  The next meeting is 10:30 am - 12 noon on Wednesday, February 2 at the WSU Whatcom Extension office on Forest Street.   Please let me know if you want to join us. We will set the date, plan the agenda and logistics of the Network launch event, and prepare a save the date notice.  

Please contact me if you are interested in joining us! I will not post my personal information here, but you can start by contacting me on this site or at work: 360-647-7093, x 106.

We hope to unify our efforts and to work together!  

with gratitude,


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Thanks for making this list, Linda! How great to see it side by side! I also like that TW may have gained a whole new list of people/orgs to work with in the future. I will definitely take a look at those not on our list and consider how they may fit into our group.


Note that because we are just looking to first be coordinated and second raise awareness of how we can together be reaching bigger goals, we may be inviting organizations who work with other orgs, like the Opportunity Council, rather than invite all the orgs that the OC works with...


Keep up the good work!



Linda J Fels said:

Hi Kate.  Their list and ours does look a bit different.  In fact, for my own purposes, I created a spreadsheet comparing the two.  It helped me see the differences and what we have in common. I've attached both files.  The Whatcom Food Network list is preliminary - still being compiled and adjusted.

Unfortunately, since I'm working on the EDAP, I don't have the time to be on their planning committee. Plus I won't be available in May to attend their planned event.  They do meet every three weeks if someone else is interested.

Hi folks:

please send your email and physical address so we can invite you to the official Whatcom Food Network forum!


Here's the save the date:

Many organizations, like yours, are working toward improving the food system in Whatcom County, from farm to fork to food disposal.

Representatives of these groups are invited to join us at an upcoming forum to build partnerships toward a coordinated food system.


Please save the date!


What:  Forum for a Coordinated Healthy and Equitable Food System

When and Where:  Wednesday, May 11, 2011 – 8:30 am to 3:30 pm,

Saint Luke’s Community Health Education Center, 3333 Squalicum Way

Why:  Learn about the Whatcom Community Food Assessment and other food system data, join small group discussions to allow participants to get to know others working on similar goals in and across the food system, and create connections for future partnerships!

Invitation, website with lots of details and a full agenda to follow next week in the mail.


again, if you are interested, please let me know, or email


I will definitely be there, Laura. Thanks for posting.  I would also like to extend an invite to a few people from Lummi, too, so I will forward the invite to them when it comes.  For now, its on my calendar...what did you think of the panel the other night?


Hi Kate,

I loved the panel! It was great to be in conversation with you all! I'd love to do it again, with more of a discussion amongst us.

the invites will be mailed snail mail, so please send your address. Additionally, it would be great to know of the people or organizations you would like to invite, if you don't mind sharing so they can get on the list of food systems players.



PS: I am so sorry to miss this weekend's move your money event - it is going to be great! Old friends are coming in to SEA so I will be there instead. I look forward to hearing about how it goes.


Whoever is going please take good notes.  I will be out of town that day but would love to know the outcome.  

I am most interested in the present and future partnerships.  This will help me with the Energy Descent Action Plan or EDAP (working on better name).  We are close to a plan for developing it and expect to invite everyone involved in our food system to contribute.  We want people's vision for the future, the steps they see need to be taken and to celebrate what is currently being done to make our food system resilient. The more I know about who the players are, the better.  Wish I could attend.

Tris, are you following this discussion?  Can you attend?

There is still time to register for the Whatcom Food Network Forum to be held Wednesday, May 11th from 8:30am-3:30pm at St. Luke’s Community Health Education Center in Bellingham. We have extend the registration deadline to May 5th by 5:00pm. Forum Agenda and Invitation Letter is attached.


TO REGISTER: Visit the Forum website at


Click on the left hand column under “REGISTER” and complete the required fields. Registration is required to attend the event.


From the Forum website, we encourage you to review the Whatcom Food Network Planning Committee’s guiding document, which is listed under “BACKGROUND”.  If you have any questions please email the Planning Committee at


We look forward to seeing you on May 11th,


Whatcom Food Network

Planning Committee


Hello All,  I would love to be involved with these efforts and do not see any recent posts or activities.  Could someone let me know an update?

Thanks so much!


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