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There is a documentary releasing in film theatres in September called "No Impact Man" about a family living in New York City, living a la Barbara Kingsolver on local foods and attempting to eliminate all energy usage.

I just sent an email to the program director of the Pickford Cinema with the link suggesting it might be a good film for them to consider booking. The Pickford will be showing "The Cove" in the second or third week of September. If you would like to see the Pickford show "No Impact Man," consider sending Michael Falter an email in support of the idea. His email address is:

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Hi Rob- We are in talks with the Pickford folks about a possible Transition Film Fest early next year, and it sounds like this would be a good addition. They are gearing up for their big october film festival (Doctober) and way busy so we'll be talking more about that idea in November. Plus, during Doctober, TW is sponsoring Mad City Chickens (no date set yet), plus we are considering sponsoring The Age of Stupid. So, plenty of discussions going on- and its a great idea to let Michael know you support showing these films!
I did get an email back from Michael Falter of the Pickford saying he had seen the film and would consider showing it.

I like the idea of a Transition Film Fest. I am convinced there are many people in Bellingham and the county who would be extremely interested in the Transition Town concept, but getting the information to them, and building awareness of the concept is the largest initial hurdle to overcome. There will need to be many public Transition events until the concept finally registers on the "broader community's radar." The Transition Film Fest would be a great opportunity to launch a public awareness campaign, that provided post film fest opportunities for people to continue to explore transition issues individually and in groups. Some ideas might include starting workshops on "plant your first garden" this spring, or "feed the neighborhood," or "park the car one day a week and take the bike to work."

At the recent Sustainable Connections talk featuring the speaker from One Planet Community, I heard that lifestyle changes can have a far greater impact on lessening one's carbon footprint than the laudatory green building solution. This statement seems to echo the idea behind the Transition Town concept. The implications are huge and reaffirms that our daily actions can have tremendous consequences in terms of the environment.

The Transition Film Fest could very well be the beginning of the necessary information "unleashing" that needs to proceed the "great unleashing."

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