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As mentioned, we will be looking at Chapters 2 and 3 in The Transition Companion.

Chapter Two: Why Transition Initiatives Do What They Do

Chapter Three: Where We Might Be Headed: The Power of Future Scenarios

The matching chapters in The Transition Handbook, if anyone wants to look at those are Chapter 1 (Peak Oil and Climate Change: The Two Great Oversights of Our Times), and Chapter 2 (The View From the Mountain Top).  There's a fair amount more detail about P.O. and CC in the Handbook, as well as more material on Future Scenarios.  Chapter 3 is very much worth reading from the Handbook if you have access to it.

Other material:

The Future Scenarios section is largely inspired by David Holmgren's Future Scenarios, which can be found in its entirety online at  I think this is essential stuff, please do check it out.

Another big inspiration is the book Powerdown by Richard Heinberg.

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Thanks for the two links as I don't have the handbook.

My RSVP is a possibly yes.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to be in town that night.


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