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Effective Groups Part 2: Finding Direction

The clarity of an organisation's purpose, how much this purpose is shared between people and how the purpose gets decided on are all crucial to how effective an organisation can be. This is done in different ways in hierarchical structures, collaborative groups or agile organisations and this introduces some of the differences.

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Comment by David MacLeod on January 29, 2014 at 12:35pm

This is an excellent 10 minute intro into the things we need to consider when coming together in groups. Taking the time in the beginning to get clear on our purpose and our process helps enormously. This initial investment of time pays off in terms of a higher likelihood of achieving meaningful outcomes, more satisfaction of the people involved, and essentially a more "sustainable" organization.

In PatternDynamics terms, it's about Source and Structure, and the need to balance and integrate patterns for enduring health.

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