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At 11:24am on December 13, 2012, Ira Carter said…

I joined in part to stay in touch with you, in part to stay in touch with the good work. My old e-mail died and I forgot to copy you over to the new one. Please send your snail mail address to theiman52 at yahoo dot com so I can send you Christmas/New Years propaganda. Life is good here, I hope it is for you as well.

At 12:36am on July 19, 2012, Heather K said…

Hi David, Would you be willing to send out an invitation to your TW friends list, for the Skillshare Event – When you think the event page is ready to go broader.   Its only 2 months before the faire date.

If I understood correctly, you will also post Larry Korns talk at Village Books.  That is so helpful and I know Larry would appreciate it.


Re the Skillshare event posting on our TW site.....There is a small volunteer team that has worked hard on the website....On my posting on TW, I've tried to keep it simple and to direct people to the main website-    I've now added a line on the TW event page that states its a TW sponsored event. 

I'm not sure who is taking the lead on seeking sponsors – check with Tom, my guess is we could really use your volunteer support with this, and with seeking skillshare presentors!


I'm waiting for an updated picture to add to the TW skillshare page ...I've requested  Brian K to look in his files, and am also waiting to hear back from webteam for a link.

I will be traveling for a week and return late July. ...It would be great to have your backup on this event page while I'm traveling (or offline)...please be sure any changes made are in near consensus with the planning team, as we're working hard to be a functioning collective. 

At 11:16pm on July 18, 2012, Heather K said…

Hi David, I need some help.  Would you request TW admin team to sponsor these two events?   Natural-farming  and

Whatcom Skillshare

I recall you sharing in the past that TW wants an online form filled out Before they will sponsor an event.

It would be so helpful if you or another computer person would fill out that TW form for these two events, all the info needed should be right on the event page or website.

Link  possibly here-


I believe both events would welcome sponsorship by Transition Whatcom. 

If the TW team is interested in this, sponsorship could be as simple as providing a donation (USD) towards the event (whatever amount team decide would be appreciated), and to also help with promotion by placing the events as featured events. 

The Skillshare event is looking for more volunteers, if there is an aspect of being involved in event preparation or at the event that you are especially called to, we would so welcome you! 

At this point, phoning Tom may be the best way to plug in, and asking to be on the planning team email list.

At 8:26am on April 3, 2012, Charles Kelm said…

Hey David - hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

At 2:34pm on October 14, 2011, Heather K said…

Transition Whatcom now has 1,000 members! 

Thanks for your vision & work David!

At 10:22am on April 7, 2011, Cipriano Mauricio said…
Good Morning David! Juliet and I are meeting tonight to work on the Group Organization. We'll give you an update post our meeting. Have a good one!
At 1:47pm on March 28, 2011, nancy clark said…
thank you! i am aware of them.
At 8:32pm on December 27, 2010, Heather K said…

Hi David, I just posted my response to Juliet's Twog Blog.  I did not see your response as I was writing it...I'll read over what you've written later.

Thanks for all you do!

At 10:18pm on June 17, 2010, Kate Clark said…
Hi David
Yes the Boulevard park event is a TW OA event, so if you could "feature" it that would be great- thanks!
At 10:47pm on April 15, 2010, David Pike said…
Hi David,

Thanks for the recommendation on maintaining the formatting on the blog posts...unfortunately I still can't get it to work...I've saved the articles using google docs as html files and copied the html source into the blog entry - but to no avail. If any further advice or solutions come to mind I would be interested in trying them.

David Pike
At 5:11pm on April 15, 2010, Tom Cloyd said…
David - very rushed - but want you to know about this:
"US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015"

Won't have time to look at it for several hours. You'll know what to do with it.

At 1:42pm on April 13, 2010, David Pike said…
Hi David,

I'm seeking a bit of technical assistance with the ning site. Attempting to post an article in my blog entries, but am discouraged that it will not preserve the spacing and formatting of my article. All spaces are removed / all paragraph indents are removed. Any work arounds you are aware of?


David Pike
At 11:19am on April 8, 2010, Morgan Lingbloom said…
Transition Whatcom was not specifically mentioned on the Design*Sponge blog but the idea of Transition Towns was featured:
Cheers, Morgan
At 11:03am on January 23, 2010, Kate Clark said…
hi david
i didn't realize you had set up a collapse forum so I deleted the one I created late last night. you should remove reference to that one in your post on the one you did and we'll just use that one.
At 12:09pm on January 18, 2010, Dave Sansone said…
Hi David,

Don't know the layout for the event, if you are interested I have a presentation called "Food security and sustainability in Western Washington" that I created for the 2008 Synergy Conference at Evergreen College. I'd be glad to show it free of charge. I have been hashing out how a culture can thrive without petro or electricity (something most people aren't willing to confront) since 1998.
The show is 45 minutes long and then can be followed by discussion.
At 12:11am on November 21, 2009, Kate Clark said…
David- That first photo of the walk the walk the front row, third from the left, see the green behind that guy- that's the coat I found. Do you know who that guy is?
At 5:48pm on November 2, 2009, Terese VanAssche said…
Hi David,

Thanks for all the organizing you have done & getting this website up and running. I would like to see a barter-exchange site start up on the Transition Whatcom website. I am sure if members want to contribute towards the cost of maintaining the website and server, this would be doable. I like this idea better as not everyone can afford Fourth Corner exchange, and it can be up to the individual members to work their own exchanges, if we know what others are bartering, or need. I have just spent days sorting through closets and bookshelves, garden shed, etc. to decide what we really don't need to keep any longer and also have a list of items I needs, or work to be done around my property that I can barter for, or pay for if I know others skills and we have a site to share that information easily without searching the entire member base for skillsets. Plus lots of apples for cider.
What do you think, is this doable?
At 8:34pm on October 18, 2009, David Culver said…
Hi David,
I have some notes from the meeting today and Cindy said that you would help me put them on the Ning site. She said that you wrote up a page about the Gathering Storm event on October 1st, but I could not find it.

My list is notes from some of the discussions that we had today. I'm not sure at this time how long the list is but it's probably 40 items long. How would you like me to insert it?
At 12:49pm on October 9, 2009, Heather K said…
Hi David! I've a ning-site question: Is there a way I can set my ning page so that I only receive one email per day from this ning-site instead of receiving a seperate email for each one? I don't really need a seperate email everytime there is a response to a group/forum/comment/note.
I tried to find the settings to just receive one email per day, but think I need some instructions.
Thanks if you can help! You do an awsome job managing this ning-site!!!
At 9:19pm on September 24, 2009, suzanne Geller said…
Hello -
I am bringing David Icke to the Mount Baker Theatre on Sunday October 4th. Icke is the author of 19 books on the topic of the elite families controlling the world, the planned collapse of our financial system and the swine flu scam. He puts on a 7 hour presentation to explain how each piece of the bizarre puzzle fits together and what we can do as individuals to escape the mind control and manipulation put on by the government and main stream media to live a life of choices that we create. Knowing the truth and why things got to be the way that they are - peak oil, the credit collapse, poisoning of our food with GMO seeds and on and on - is key to how we are going to pull out of the mess we are in. I am offering 2 tickets to anyone in Transition Whatcom to come to the show and tell others about what they have learned. If you are not familiar with David Icke go to his website at To view details about the event go to Again, I have 2 tickets to give to Transition Whatcom so let me know who is interested.

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