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I would first like to thank those whose tireless efforts have brought about the awareness of climate change to an ever broadening audience. Along with the 2012 weather records, an up tick in public interest has become almost palatable. I therefore have little time to concern myself with the deniers of this subject. Although amazed by their ability and energy wasted clinging onto such ever-evolving false narratives, their ignorance seems to proclaim all species survival is solely dependent upon ones ability to stick to a script.

If only it were so.

More often than not the word awareness conjures an uplifting feeling. More akin to getting the question right on an exam, remembering an umbrella at the last moment, slowing down before a cop’s radar finds you in a hurry. This time it’s different because of the numbers.


It’s a somber awareness which can challenge ones current definitions of hope, resilience, and future. But as this awareness flourishes, where it’s allowed, you can get the feeling more awareness could well equate to more readiness for change. It’s still however comes down to time. Do we have the time to recognize the reality of our connectedness to one another. Not just our neighbors, but those faceless souls whose temperatures were 10 degrees warmer than normal for months on end, as opposed to 10 degrees cooler. Not just our friends and family, but our enemies as well, both foreign and domestic. With such ridiculous customs and patronage to a world long since gone. What’s to stop anyone from discovering the lesser disturbed part of the world, overrunning the resources and destabilizing yet another eco-system? Combine this years drought map and the predictions of “more of the same” for the next ten or fifteen years, and do your best to avoid seeing any climate migration occurring by two legged mammals. It’s a somber awareness rarely adequately addressed by our politicians, unless found walking their dog out at Cherry Point, or having the audacity to utter the words “climate change” in a 2011 public forum to the jeers of the inane, or creating a lower carbon footprint for the city of subdued excitement. It’s a somber awareness leading folks to embrace and be embraced by the Transition movement, the Occupy movement, and the eyes of a child who only knows of hope. The time for resolve is here, and the need is evident throughout. In our thinking, whether conscious or not. In the fiber of our being, both individually and collectively. Awareness becomes honored. Please join us August 31st at 5:00pm beginning at the Federal Building. Let’s march together for the world we will give to our children.

Stop the Coal Port! Rally/March 

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Comment by J. C. Walker,Jr. on August 31, 2012 at 2:22am

I think it's time to get the thread weaved through the like mindedness of these groups and build resilience where possible. Lots of folks falling through the current Transition meme it seems. I'll take care of it don't worry.

Comment by David MacLeod on August 29, 2012 at 11:50am


I'm totally with you regarding the urgent need to address climate change.  However, I just looked into the Aug. 31 rally, and it looks to me like a mixed bag of sub-issues they are attempting to address.

The Socialist Alternative group is bringing the issue of "A public works program for green union jobs paid for by taxing the super rich!" 

The Coal-Free Bellingham group is wanting to protest the court decisions about Prop. 2 and "our right to decide." The group defines itself as ""Spearheading an effort to bring what’s called “rights-based” organizing to the region, focused on elevating the rights of people, communities, and nature above those of corporations, property, and commerce."

And the third group, Decolonize Whatcom - I can't tell what this group is about, because their facebook page is hidden to non-facebookers like me.  It appears they are an offshoot of Occupy.

All of these groups oppose the coal port and coal trains, as do I, but it seems to me they are using that issue as a rallying point from which to gather support for these other issues, and I think people should be aware of that.

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