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2. Swale making ~ Next steps: Maps of property

The next step for getting ready to create swales was to find an aerial map of our property. We found the most current one taken just before we bought the place in 2010. The photo shows where buildings and trees are located. And also a map with the elevation contour lines. And finally sketch on the map where the swales will be located. If you only look at one of the following links try the 3rd one. It has the 3 superimposed - the aerial photo, the contour lines (in magenta) and the sketch of the possible swales (brown and blue).

1. Aerial photo of our property:


2. Next we found an aerial map with elevation contour lines on top:


Finally Brian sketched in on top of the map and contour lines, where we might put swales. Nice job Brian!

3. Added swales on map of property:


Our plan is to focus on creating the top two or three swales that are outlined on the map. That's where it's the wettest and also the sunniest. Probably not put a pond in at this time.

Next post:

Creating an 'A' frame with a plumb bob to stake out the high points of the contour lines.

And reserving an excavator.

Join us on June 22 and 23 as we create swales. See the event HERE

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