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Save the Date: Tim Winton in Seattle and Bellingham Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Folks,

This is a "heads up" notice that Tim is now planning a return trip to the Pacific Northwest. More details will follow as they become available. If you're at all interested, you might want to note these dates on the calendar, and make sure you don't schedule any BBQs or family reunions for Memorial Day weekend, as this will be the only date that works for Tim's schedule.

The plan is for a 1 Day Workshop in Seattle on Saturday, May 25th, followed by a 2-Day Level II Training in Bellingham on the 26th and the 27th.

If you have any interest in attending either of these events, please email me at  This isn't a commitment, just a statement of interest, so I can make sure I update you with more detail when it is available.  And it would be nice to have a gauge of the general level of interest out there. I will be organizing the Bellingham workshop.


PatternDynamics™ One DayWorkshop

Collaborative systems thinking for thriving in a complex world

Sat. May 25th in Seattle

is an Integral Sustainability Pattern Language. It's a smart, accessible, and fun way to learn collaborative systems thinking.

At the 1 Day workshop you will gain essential 21st Century skills:
  • Learn to see the Patterns that help you thrive through simplifying a complex world.
  • See holistic solutions to personal, organizational, and social challenges.
  • Become one of those people who can ‘connect the dots’ and explain why systems thinking is important.
  • Build a new set of communications skills based on 'collaborative systems thinking'.
  • Learn a tool for creating 'mass collaboration' to harness the power of collective intelligence.
  • Discover a whole new approach to creative design.
  • Learn a new way of expressing principles of sustainability.
  • Gain an introduction to a high level method of building organizational effectiveness.
  • Experience the ‘Source’ of deep meaning that facilitates high levels of self-organization.
  • PD One Day Workshop serves as a prerequisite for Intermediate, Level 2 Training for PD Workshop Facilitators.
What will I experience at the One Day Workshop?

The PatternDynamics™ Workshop, led by founder Tim Winton, is a participatory group process that includes introduction to the Patterns, group discussions, workshopping of participants' organizational challenges, and a simple set of movements related to each Pattern. In learning to use the Patterns participants collectively embody, discuss, and experiment with the organizing principles that sustain complex dynamic systems and experience the collective awareness and deep meaning generated through participating in a highly unified organization.

For More Information

Learn how to become a more effective change agent - and contribute to personal, organizational, and planetary thriving in a complex world! Visit the Pattern Dynamics website.

Level II: Train to become a PatternDynamics™ Workshop Facilitator


Sunday and Monday, May 26 & 27 in Bellingham


*  Personalized, facilitated small group (5-9 participants only), cohort based training.

*  Co-facilitate PatternDynamics™ Workshops with your facilitator and cohort.

*  Learn the 49 Second Order Patterns: focus on communication using the Patterns.

*  A prerequisite for PatternDynamics™ Advanced Training.

Tim Winton is Founder and Director of PatternDynamics™, an Integral Sustainability Pattern Language, as a planetary social enterprise. He developed it while managing and acting as chief instructor of Permaforest Trust, a not-for-profit sustainability education organization in New South Wales, Australia. As a sustainability educator, Tim has developed training modules and workshops in integral sustainability, sustainability principles, permaculture design, PatternDynamics™ and sustainable forestry. Tim blogs at

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