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   During last year's debate between Bob Ferris and Craig Cole at City Club, Cole reminded everyone that we owe owe China a couple of trillion dollars.

   "We need this project," he implored. Turns out, that's more than an intimidating debate tactic. The international forum in Bejing on the 28th — featuring all the big players in global energy, including the Director of The US Department of Energy — provides a kind of backdrop for our own "Gateway."

   Check out China's Energy Forum:

    Interesting that the Cherry Point Coal Port is called Gateway Pacific, the Tar Sands pipeline in BC is called Northern Gateway, and China is hosting an international forum called Energy Gateway.  Are we so mired in our struggle that we're going to schlep coal to China, at subsidized prices, so they can glut the marketplace with cheap crap and poison our watershed with toxic debris? Is that a Gateway we want to create?

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