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Announcing Whatcom Progressive Grassroots Network - WPGN

Receiving a notice from the MoveOn team, I was able to sign up and "become a fan" and post WPGN's info on Maria Cantwell's Facebook "wall". You can view it in "photos" by hovering over the Whatcom Progressive Grassroots Network jpg. I encourage you to contact her this way with your message.
It says:
Hello Maria, I'm on the webteam of the Whatcom Progressive Grassroots Network. The WPGN brings together politically active groups and individuals from all over Whatcom County to facilitate and encourage each person’s work for the common good. We also provide opportunities for activists to network with each other and explore different points of view in the pursuit of greater unity and more effective strategies. Visit us at
Please vote to save the Clean Air Act. Please vote for Obama's health care reform for the plan closest to single payer, so we will have real reform! Thank you for joining Facebook!

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