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6. Swale Making Preparations: The Excavator, And Sink Hole Supplies; Gravel and Brush

More preparations for our swale making event....

Excavator: We decide which excavator would be the smallest that will still do the job. The smaller the machine the less weight and so the less compacting of the soil. We actually did the research weeks ago. Brian decided which one he'd like to use and I called around to compare prices for renting one. He decided on a Kabota KX 41:

For the sink holes we need brush and gravel. The sink holes will be deep cylindrical wells where the water can drain into and be stored when there is excess. After the holes are dug out we will fill them with gravel, brush and top with soil.

Here's the 1.5 inch "washed" rounded rock:

Here's the brush pile we've been accumulating:

A garden beauty about to shake off her hull to greet the world:


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