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Join us for the PEOPLE-POWERED PARADE to the Great Unleashing on April 10th! It will be a super-fun procession of bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, walking, running, skating, costumes, tambourines, banners, and laughter! All to celebrate the many fun ways to get around that do not require burning oil.

(1) SUGGESTED- Organize a group from your own neighborhood, and make a banner together announcing your neighborhood pride (like "Transition York Neighborhood!"). Bike together from a central meeting point in your 'hood on the morning of April 10th.

(2) THE BIG GROUP PARADE will meet at the La Fiamma parking lot (next to the Bellingham Farmer's Market) between 8:30 and 8:45. We will leave promptly at 8:45 and pedal, stroll, and scoot the 6 blocks to B'ham High School. We hope to attract lots of attention and make any driver passing by notice how much fun we are having, so wear wigs or costumes, hula hoop, juggle-- anything you like. A great event for kids!

(3) We will arrive together at the high school and kick off an amazing day of learning, meeting each other, celebrating, and starting some powerful community action. There will be tons of bike parking, and free bike repairs while you are in the event.

More Info About The Great Unleashing:

The Great Unleashing: An Overview
General Description of the event, and an "at a glance" outline of the sessions on Day 1.

The Pedal Powered Parade
Come be a part of the pre-event parade on Saturday morning!

The Keynote Speakers: Rob Hopkins, Trathen Heckman, Vicki Robin, and Frances Moore Lappe.
Read their bios, see their photos, and learn what they'll be talking about.

The Breakout Sessions: All the Details
Full details of who, what, when and where for the breakout sessions on Day 1.

Music and Food
Music and food are important. Dana Lyons, Jan Peters, Burke Mulvaney, Youth Jazz Band, and more!

The Exhibits
Read all about the exhibits and exhibitors.

An Overview of Day 2
This is the day when the real work of Transition Whatcom will begin. We encourage everyone who has a strong interest in Transition to prioritize attending Day 2 of The Great Unleashing. It could be among the most important time spent of your entire year.

We couldn't put this event on without our sponsors. Please express your thanks to these generous companies and folks!


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