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People & Permaculture- Caring & Designing for Ourselves, Each Other & The Planet" by designer/teacher Looby Macnamara – a new 2012 British book distributed by Chelsea Green.  David Holmgren states in support of her writings:   “The application of permaculture principles and thinking to peoplecare has long been a vexed issue for permaculture activists, designers and teachers. In this book Looby Macnamara uses her solid grounding in permaculture to show that its principles and thinking can help us all be effective and hopeful in an age of change and challenge. In the process she draws in kindred ideas and influences from the field of peoplecare, making a significant contribution in the ongoing evolution of permaculture as a concept and a movement creating a better world.”


This might be an interesting book for us to read in the future.

You tube interview with Looby:

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