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I have a source of low cost 3 year old blueberry plants for $3 each and 1.5 year old black currants for $1 each. I have planted many in my yard and can get more for anyone in and around our neighborhood for planting in our yards. They prefer full sun, but still grow well with partial sun. Are there any public areas in our neighborhood where we could plant more? It would be great to have a neighborhoor blueberry patch!

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Black Current plants are delicious, medicinal, and the birds like them! I don't know how many you have, but I would like to buy at least 5 to plant in some of the gardens I care for.
. Public areas for urban edible planting can be found in areas where there is land between the sidewalk & the road, however, I'm not a fan of eating edibles so close to traffic fumes, even if there is lead-free gas now. There are some rain water areas in the Samish neighborhood, but I think the current focus is on natives.....but exceptions can be made. Isn't the community garden down by Joes Garden in the Samish neighborhood, or is that Happy Valley?
I'll be in the hood next Thurs, most likely on 42nd street.
I'll take 3 for my front yard. What do I do next? Do you know what variety they are? Jim S.
The varieties I have are Duke, Bluecrop, Bluejay and Reka. The currants are Ben Alders. E-mail me at to arrange a time to come by and grab them. I also accept life dolalrs (

There is still time to plant these currants & blueberries before the ground freezes. If you mix a bit of kelp liquid in with your water that will stimulate the roots to grow & get established!
I would like some, I just moved to a co-op house on lake samish roy rd.
Happy to be in the Samish group.
yea I got them all in the ground before the second night of f'reezing-water frost'...still need to later water in with kelp-water and toss more compost & straw on soil. Thanks for sharing these Travis! Save me some of the frozen berries & I'll call in next 7 days about picking up....I hope it was OK I posted your fourthcorner currant medicinal info under the gardeners group page...if not, let me know and I can "X:" out what I wrote!
Travis- any left?


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