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FYI, Brian K., Juliet T., Joshua M., Rob B., and myself had a great time planting trees for NSEA at Ten Mile Creek on Sat. Nov. 7th. Pictures to come!

Rocket Stove Workshop
Nov. 21 and 22

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it's important for everyone to learn how to heat their homes without using fossil fuels or large amounts of electricity.

Wood is an abundant resource, and can be sustainable if harvested ethically and used efficiently. Rocket mass heaters burn cleaner than
traditional wood stoves, takes less fuel to run, can be used for cooking and heating water simultaneously as its generating heat, and
can be built mostly from recycled and locally sourced materials.

Join Henry Stanley and David Zhang for a 2 day workshop. On Saturday Nov. 21, from 3-5 pm, there will be an information session on rocket stoves at the Alternative Library, located at 717 N. Forest St.

On Sunday, Nov. 22, from 10 - 4 pm, we will build a rocket mass heater for heating a greenhouse, at the new location of Alpenhorn Farms (formally Galactic Organics), located at 664 E Laurel Rd.

Suggested $20 donation for materials and hosting an awesome instructor. Contact David Zhang to confirm time, location, and your attendance: This event is co-sponsored by Transition Laurel.

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