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What Are Your Thoughts About Timetable of Total Economic Collapse in US?

Don't you think its interesting that Whatcom County has contingency plans for earthquakes, tsunami's, even for the remote possability that Mt.Baker might blow up, but shockingly, the County has NO Contingency plan for the total economic collapse of the US Dollar.

Unthinkable??? The Pentagon and Military Don't think so.


Only two out of the seven members of the Whatcom County Council see the things I see and are actively preparing for the collapse of the dollar. Like me, they're stockpiling food, seeds, getting gardens going early with plans on doing a lot of canning, they're doing smart things to protect their assetts, but when I asked them if they would help promote 4th Corner exchange because it would be a good buffer to protect us from the crash they said they didn't know about it, so I told them both.


In Point Roberts I am starting a Chapter of the Weston Price Foundation  here in Point Roberts, and welcome more members! Participation in a Weston Price chapter could help a lot of people learn valuable survival skills that were so much more common back in the Great Depression, but its a different world today and too often, neighbors don't know neighbors.

My dad grew up in the Depression, the stock market crashed in '29 when he was 12. His dad lost his business and they survived by growing a big garden and by bartering with neighbors for the eggs.


So much I'd like to type here, but am tired and gottta crash!

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