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Transition US Newsletter: November 2010

Transition Whatcom gets top billing in the "Transition Initiative Projects" section, with a nice story by Laura Sellens about the recent workPARTY at CLSR. A couple of photos are included of the work party; the TW photo also made it into this month's Post Carbon Institute newsletter.

Other short articles from other Initiatives, a Transition story in the Huffington Post, info about Transition Ingredients, and Rob Hopkins' Phd theses, and more are included in this month's newsletter.

Also remember that Transition US in the midst of a fundraising campaign, working toward getting a Challenge Grant of $100,000. Your gift to Transition US will help us continue to inspire, encourage, support, network, and train Transition Initiatives across the United
States. Most of our funding comes from the generous donations of people
like you. No donation is too small and all donations are used
efficiently and wisely in helping us meet our mission.

A Roving Workparty

Transition Initiatives are living out the saying "Many hands make light work" in so many ways! From gathering in-kind donations to tearing out sod and turning lawns into bio-diverse gardens.
Gardening to live music? with friends? Sounds lovely. Thanks to Laura
Sellens for sharing this report with us!

The workPARTY was our first try at a Roving Workparty around Whatcom County that will hopefully solidify as a monthly event.  The vision is that we can swarm neighborhood Transition Initiatives, workgroup projects, or resilience-related projects of other local
existing groups, giving a fresh burst of energy to each
.  This project was a collaboration with Transition Southside and the Center for Local Self-Reliance,
who were happy to have some help putting in a perimeter deer fence that
will protect their gardens.  We got donations of apples for fresh
cider, food, a lovely banner, and about $250 worth of prizes including 3
massages that we gave away at intervals, and also had a local band come
down and play for us!  It was amazing how much our local businesses
supported our efforts.

It was a lovely event and the work we got done on the fence exceeded the Center's expectations for the day!  In addition, building skills were exercised and connections were made between community members. 
December's workparty is still in the works but we're thinking tree
planting with Transition Goshen and the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement

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