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Response to Whatcom County Councilman Sam Crawford Re Threat of Total Economic Collapse/Martial Law

At 02:58 PM 2/23/2011, you wrote:
Mr. Hammell,

Thank you for bringing to my attention your concerns regarding topics such as:

Economic Collapse
Food Shortages
Military Takeover
International Military Agreements
(Catastrophic) Emergency Response
Posse Comitatus

You present these catastrophic scenarios as being imminent and of alarming urgency.  I appreciate and respect your feelings and passion in alerting local elected officials.  My wife and I even watched all of "Collapse" and other media you requested to be viewed.

I have read Sheriff Elfo's response to your concerns, and I believe he clearly and sufficiently addresses how the County plans internally and externally to prioritize risk and emergency response.  I fully agree with Sheriff Elfo's appropriate leadership and sound judgment in these matters.

While it is prudent to be watchful of national and international events that could result in the catastrophes you bring up, unlike you I do not believe it is time for general county government to re-prioritize its concerns in these areas.  I believe as times change, we are adequately - and often extremely - adaptive to address needed changes and responsive actions in due course.

Again, I respect your community concern.  But just as I have not responded before to your messages, I do not intend to respond to any further communication from you regarding the above topics.  I would appreciate, in particular, no more messages left on my home answering machine.  If you continue to feel motivated to contact me regarding these topics, feel free to do so via email, but please do not anticipate a response on my part.

Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford
Whatcom County Council Member
360 676-6690

NOTE:  Email is not a secure means of communication.  Personal information sent via the Internet can be intercepted and read by others.  In nearly all cases, email communications with any county council member are subject to public disclosure, and are considered public documents.

Hi Sam- (and everyone else on the Council, and Sheriff Elfo)

Thanks for your response, Sam.

Please watch "The Day the Dollar Died"  The 7 minutes it takes to watch this is time well spent because it will help you a lot to get your head far more around this complex issue.

From reading your reply I can tell that you're not properly grasping the magnitude of the economic threat we're facing, and neither is Sheriff Elfo. The psychological phenomenon that blocks many people from preparing for a disaster is known as the Normalcy Bias. If a threat is something people have never seen happen before, they tend to block the possability that it could EVER happen from their mind.

An example of this can be seen with the levees in New Orleans prior to Katrina. Numerous well qualified engineers had serious concerns about the levees, and attempted to warn people that they could break and that repairs were badly needed, but the money was never appropriated. Many people were warned prior to Katrina that the levees could break, but most people ignored the warnings. Many people died as a result. Please read a more complete description of the Normalcy Bias at the link above.

What you and Sheriff Elfo are failing to understand is that the dollar is being taken down on purpose. We are facing a "perfect" economic storm, and you would realize this if you've taken the time to read the written comments I submitted to the Council which you can see here  I only had 3 minutes to deliver oral comments that would have taken me 5 minutes to deliver, so I was forced to truncate my oral comments. After driving all the way from Point Roberts, it was very frustrating for me to have to do this given the complexity of this issue. Please read my full oral comments as well as my written comments. You'll find my oral comments at

How much survival experience do you have, Sam?

Right now you are reminding me a lot of the owner of a yacht that I delivered from NYC to Bermuda years ago. The Delivery firm I worked for normally did not allow the owner to be on board when a boat was delivered, but in this case the owner went with us. Our Sat Nav malfunctioned and we were forced to navigate via celestial navigation which the owner was not familiar with. He was constantly second guessing all of my decisions, and it started getting very annoying.

We did not know he was an alcoholic til he almost drove us up on a reef when we were motoring in towards Hamilton. We didn't realize that the moment we sighted land, he started clandestinely hitting the bottle. He was at the helm, and I was up on the bow when I noticed with horror that we were about to be driven up on a reef. I had to run aft and grab the wheel away from him and swing it hard to port so we wouldn't tear the bottom out of the boat on the reef. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as I grabbed the wheel from him and he tried to stop me from taking control of the vessel, attempting to wrestle me, and got very angry, screaming at the top of his lungs making absurd allegations of "mutiny." We were forced to restrain him and tie him up for the safety of all on board.

When we got to shore, we had him arrested, telling the Bermuda authorities that he shouldn't be allowed out of jail til he'd sobored up, and we put the word on the street that he was not a reliable person to put to sea with. So he was never able to hire a crew to get his boat out of Bermuda and was forced to sell it there.

I'm not saying I think you're an alcoholic Sam, I realize you're probably not, but I suspect strongly you don't have much experience in survival situations and you really do remind me in a way of that guy. I've got a sixth sense about situations like the one we're heading into. My skills were honed in a crucible of survival. My father was a Navy SEAL. He taught me a lot growing up. My Scoutmaster as a kid was a Green Beret who survived 2 tours in Vietnam. He knew everything about survival and taught us a lot about woodcraft, about making fires with a bowdrill, with flint and steel. He taught us to make monkey bridges out of rope, and to identify edible herbs and plants. There was very little this man didn't know about the outdoors or survival. I was an Eagle scout. I once lived in a cabin on an island off the northern coast of Maine where I had no electricity or running water for 2 years. I lived almost completely off the land. I had a choice, either chop wood and build fires in the wood stove, or freeze to death. Haul water from the spring, or dehydrate. Shoot wild game, harvest lobsters, clams, mussels, seaweed, catch fish, or starve.

I was a boatbuilder and professional sailor for many years and used to deliver yachts up and down the eastern seaboard. I've survived hurricanes at sea that killed many lesser prepared people in our vicinity. I once lived on a farm in Vermont that was food self sufficient for 100 people, and in a commune in the Appalachian mountains of SW Virginia where I was part of a cooperative farm. Here in Point Roberts I raise chickens, have a greenhouse and an organic garden. I collect rainwater off my roof sand store it in food grade 55 gallon drums. I am growing sprouts and save seeds. I am ready for a very extended period in which nothing will ever be the same and am doing my best to urge more people around me to prepare.

I am far more ready for what is coming than most in Whatcom County, and my effort to impart information to you and the rest of the Council was made in good faith in an attempt to save lives. All I can do is hope that the seed of awareness that I attempted to plant ends up bearing fruit over the course of the coming year as more things continue to unfold such that you will remember the things I tried so hard to get across to you.

I won't stop coming to Council meetings. I'll keep coming, even though its very frustrating to me to only get 3 minutes to say something when this complex situation deserves so much more attention than can possibly be given to it in such a short amount of time.

I know from talking with other Council members that no all share your views. It is my hope that those who can more readily see what I have been trying to say will do more to try to communicate my message to you and the other members and to Sheriff Elfo. At least two of your number are very actively preparing for a total economic collapse, they're laying in food reserves and taking other wise precautions.

If you and your wife actually watched all the films I sent you and actually read all the information I sent you, I'd be very surprised. There is no way any objective person could do that and come to the conclusion that "everything is fine and normal" unless they have a particularly bad case of the "Normalcy Bias".

The US Dollar is currently worth just 2 cents in 1913 money, and its being taken down deliberately by people whose intention is to destroy America and to force us into the CFR's planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship. What is driving all of this is population control. All of these plans are right out in the open for those who know where to look. Read up on UN Agenda 21. This 40 Chapter blueprint for population control and world control can be read right here

I've read it. Don't have time to read it? Watch this 9 minute You Tube which summarizes what this is all about.

I know a lot more about this that I can tell you or anyone else who is interested, but I'll stop here for now.
Ignore what I'm saying at your peril. I won't call you any more Sam unless you request that I do. I'm not trying to force this information on anyone who is not interested in it. I am a former lifeguard and former volunteer fireman. I've pulled people out of burning buildings and I've saved people from drowning. I have far more survival experience than most in this County and I'm doing my best to unselfishly help people here. I'm seeing a very complex situation very clearly and it saddens me deeply that you have such a poor understanding of it and no apparent interest in even having a two way dialogue.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. I urge you to look much more closely than you have thus far at what I am saying, and I urge you to please call me so we can really properly discuss all of this. I am willing to come to your house Sam to discuss this directly with you and your wife.

I extend this same invitation to all other Members of the Whatcom County Council, and to you too, Sheriff Elfo. This is a very serious situation, and I can tell you're just not seeing it clearly at all. All I can do now is hope that I've succeeded in at least planting a seed, because in the coming year you are going to see all hell break loose in terms of hyperinflation. You're going to see banks crash, and a lot of people made homeless. You're going to see food rioting, and chaos on a scale you can't even imagine. I am really trying hard here to keep the peace, to prevent martial law from breaking out here by urging the County to properly examine this situation and to alert the populace.

If you fail to do this, a lot of blood will be on your hands, and on the hands of all the rest of you on the County Council and on yours too, Sheriff Elfo.

Please call me so we can discuss this some more. This is not something we can afford to just try to sweep under the rug, because its not going away.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281
800-333-2553 H&W

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