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Marking an important milestone, I'd like to celebrate the fact that we reached 100 members on this website last night around 9:15pm!

Please join me in welcoming Alan Seid as our 100th Member!

About 2 weeks ago, when we were at 80 members, Cindi Landreth made the comment that we should have a party when we reach 100 members. Since we had just scheduled our May 8th "Party Up for Power Down," I got it in my head that we should push to get to 100 by May 8th, which we've now achieved two days ahead of schedule!

We've had quite a few sign ups in the past few days - in fact as I'm typing this Forum entry, we just had two more members sign up to bring us to 110! We'd like to welcome you all to Transition Whatcom, and hope to see many of you Friday night, 7pm, at the Sustainable Living Center. If you can't make it this time we understand - we hope to be having these gatherings once per month.

Some of the new members signing up in the last couple of days: Dee Andrews, Gary Holloway, Stan Snapp, Alison Kutz-Troutman, Nick Waslenko, Alys Kennedy, Beth Arcese, Ben Andrews, Bruce Horowitz, Diedre Penner, Alan Seid, Deborah Cruz, Tony Emley, Rob Olason, Dana Brandt, Dean Fearing, Peter Holcomb, Kathryn Fentress, and Dan Martin. And to take us to 110 just now, David Arcese, and Virginia Hoyt!

When you get a chance, check out our Member pages and profiles, and welcome one another!

And let's "Party Up for Power Down!"

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