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Passing on an email below from Futurewise Whatcom. Please take a moment to add your name to the petition at their website and consider attending the County Planning Commission meeting on the 9th.


P.S. Also check out the Transition Whatcom discussion here.

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Did you catch the Op-Ed last Sunday, where the Herald's Editorial Board said it's time for rules to better protect farms and fields in Whatcom County? Or Futurewise Whatcom's guest editorial the day before, calling for the protection of our rural life and land?

Now is the time for you to join the call! Tell the Planning Commission that you value our rural land and character in Whatcom County.

Add your signature to the petition, asking Whatcom County Planning ...

The opportunity to protect rural land is happening this week as the County Planning Commission hears public comment about what kind of growth and development it should allow in the future in rural parts of our county. Opponents to rural land protection are pressuring decision makers NOT to take the necessary steps to reduce future rural growth and come into compliance with state law, so the Planning Commission needs to hear from us that we want to keep rural Whatcom County protected!


Whatcom County Planning Commission
Rural Element Public Hearing
Thursday, July 9th - 6:30pm
Whatcom County Council Chambers
311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham


Add your signature to the petition, asking Whatcom County Planning ...


Thank you for supporting Futurewise Whatcom and our efforts to protect rural land, promote compact, livable cities, and prevent sprawl!


Cathy Lehman
Chapter Director
Whatcom County

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