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Dear friends,

It's happening--and it’s even bigger than we thought it would be.

From what we can tell from reports streaming in from East Asia
and Australia and New Zealand, 10/10/10 is going to be the biggest day
of climate action ever--from one end of the planet to the other, people
are already hard at work.

If you haven't already figured out which event to join, visit the map on our website to find a work party in your community--and be sure to check out the front page of, which has transformed into an amazing showcase of today’s events. Transition Whatcom event info here:

And a last minute request: Make sure that you document whatever
you're doing today. WE NEED PICTURES, and we need them right away so we
can post them on our homepage, send them to the media, and deliver them
to political leaders.

It's seriously easy to upload pictures to read the
instructions in the box on the right side of this email.

This year has been a hard one: political leaders have failed to
rise to the challenge of the climate crisis, and we’ve seen one
climate-related disaster after another.

But today represents a crucial shift--and we’re gaining momentum for the road ahead.

After today, we can move forward with a new sense of optimism
and confidence--not just because President Obama decided to put solar on
the White House or because the Mayor of Mexico City announced that his
city will cut carbon emissions by 10% this year. 

We can be confident because the climate movement is bigger and
more beautiful than ever before--and it’s not going away.  Visit
today and you’ll see that millions of people, from 188 countries, are
united with a common purpose. They may speak differently or look
differently or pray differently, but they all care about the same

It won’t be easy to get on the path to 350, but we can all keep
pushing for the big actions that matter--pushing with the confidence
that comes with having a movement standing together.

Thanks for all you’ve done--and all you’ll do in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


Bill McKibben for the whole team at

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