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Perhaps TW should push a similar resolution with our legislator.

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Thanks for posting Randy!  Two groups here may be interested the info.

Kate's Food Security group at:

And the Living Democracy group at:


So many issues to confront - growing our own food, providing ourselves energy, protecting the waters & forests, decisions on mining our coal and allowing it to be shipped to China, human rights, etc...



Food Sovereignty: What is it? What does it mean for Whatcom County’s Food System?

Saturday January 15, 2011, Whatcom Community College Syre Center 2:30-4:30

The national and international grassroots movements for Food Sovereignty are surging and gaining tremendous momentum. Join us to learn what Food Sovereignty is, to get an update on what exciting new work is moving forward, and for a dialogue about how we can bring this movement home to Whatcom County.

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