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Army Corps Halts Gateway Pacific Terminal Process

A press release from the Army Corps of Engineers...

"After careful consideration of all the information available to him, Seattle District Commander Col. John Buck has determined the potential impacts to the Lummi Nation’s usual and accustomed (U&A) fishing rights from the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal are greater than de minimis.

Because the district has determined the effects to the Lummi’s rights are more than de minimis and because the Lummi maintain their objections to this proposal, the project cannot be permitted by the Corps.

In 2015 the Seattle District received a request from the Lummi Nation for the Corps to deny a permit requested for the GPT project proposed by Pacific International Holdings, LLC. (PIH).  The Lummi cited impacts to their usual and accustomed treaty rights and included affidavits about their fishing practices and statements about potential impacts from the construction and operation of the terminal.  The Lummi Nation signed the Treaty of Point Elliot in 1855, which established the Suquamish Port MadisonTulalipSwinomish, and Lummi reservations and guaranteed fishing rights in perpetuity at each tribes’ Usual and Accustomed (U&A) fishing areas. The GPT project area is included in their U&A fishing area."

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Hat tip to NW Citizen for breaking the story.  Read No Coal Terminal at Cherry Point

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Thank you TW members for the efforts put forward toward this goal.

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