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What is your personal (E)nergy (D)escent (A)ction (P)lan? #2 in the series.

Here are some things I do to help with the energy descent problem:

Ride my bike, take the bus, walk, and skateboard.

Shop at thrift stores, and other second hand goods establishments.

Shop at local businesses.

Practice growing food naturally.

Recycle, and reuse.


Energy descent due to peak oil is a problem that feels unmanageable by me alone. It is global and I cannot "fix" it. On the other hand, as they say: "You can be part of the solution", therefore I do what I feel I can.

I will avoid driving my car in order to be part of the solution (consuming less resources), and it works out to my benefit because I save money, contribute to my good health, and enjoy the pleasure of the sights, sounds, textures, and smells. I also think more deeply about the world that I live in when I take transportation other than a personal vehicle- I see people, businesses, nature, the problems and successes of society more readily.  Shopping at local businesses I find people are more friendly, respectful, and helpful, in general, than at non-local businesses. Buying second hand I save money, and learn to appreciate the character of goods that have lived awhile- intangible benefits? Learning to grow food I have delighted in the wonder of natures intelligence to take raw materials, and produce delicious edible plants for my delight and good health. Learning to re-use what I used to consider garbage gives me fresh ideas about how to use what most people around consider to be garbage.


These are some of my Big/Little successes. I believe that big changes can happen in small increments. Therefore despite the magnitude of the global problem- over consumption of resources, I try to take heart in my small successes.


What is your personal E.D.A.P. (Energy Descent Action Plan)?




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