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I have been living with some unexplained major health issues for almost two years now.  The most recent trip to the American Medical establishment for some new tests has yet to produce clarity as to what is going on.  I am starting to feel better than I have for a year and a half which is nice.  At this rate it may go away and I will never understand what was happening.  It is interesting at my age when one asks questions the answer often is well these things show up with aging.  It is a clear reminder how little we truly understand about life.  I am already one of those individuals who is only still alive because of modern medicine.  When there is less energy available one wonders how much of our medical ability will go away.  Personally I would much prefer a more people focused system and less high tech energy intensive testing.  Time passes and my body grows closer to the end of its usefulness.  It is all a very interesting thing to contemplate this idea of not being here.  In the mean time I sure am having a good time at the moment.  Cheers Tom A

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Comment by dave smith on March 30, 2012 at 11:08am

let me say this up front

i once told a very powerful big name doctor

the cemeataries are full of dead people with normal lab tests

health care fails a lot

harms a lot

doctors kill  200,000 americans yearly,   cripple and maims another couple of hundred thousand

thru various reasons all of which is the doctors fault

which is one reason why so many lawsuits against doctors


ms can be extremely disabling prior to diagnoses,   diagnosis which may take years


ms is a good way to get diagnosed mentally ill

ms comes on slowly

can be extremely disabling yet  repeatedly nothing shows on diagnostic tests for years

mri do catch ms earlier then any other test but it still takes years to show on mri

the fallback of every doctor god is if i cant find something wrong

then its mental illness

mental illness is only part of medicine where theirs really no diagnostic tests

the rest of medicine is all diagnostics

its all hypocritical

so when you finally get a ms diagnosis

do the doctors and medical establish void (a legal word,  much medicine is legal) your diagnosis of mental illness

do they remove your mental diagnosis \everywhere its gone to no way

so you have a wrongful mental illness diagnoses that can cause enormous medical legal financial problems its all wrong


the doctor gods who created the mess do nothing to correct it

another example

erectile dysfunction in men for 30 years got you diagnosed mentally ill until the doctor gods finally figured out it was physiological

more tens of thousands and thousands of american men with wrongful mental illness diagnoses

a famous american psychiatrist a fellow of the psychiatric association said

the profession of psychiatry has done more to harm american then everything else combined over last 50 years


the legal profession is the same way

i got to point in every court im in if i dont get threatened with contempt in a serious way

then my legal arguments really have no merot

i will not give medical advice

but if i was you

nobodygoing to help you but you

do some research online

lots of it is garbage or worse

but theirs useful information too

some searches you might want to try

unexplained illness

list your symtoms in a google search

use yahoo too

type your symptoms then type emedicine

try wrongdiagnosis with a search of your symptoms

you have to work at it


online you might find something that helps you

good luck


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