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Ah, I’ve noticed that the days are a little longer. My mind begins to anticipate them being a little warmer and thoughts of spring start to arise. This immediately brings up my panic as my greenhouse plans are not ready, my trees are not pruned, my new garden path is not complete and basically I am not ready for spring! Work is still slow so I should have lots of time to do all those things but here it is approaching March and I need to get my act together to be ready for spring.


Sometimes attempting to be even half way sustainable in how I live takes more time than I seem to have. It is good to feel the pull of working outside. If I can find the self discipline to keep my schedule open enough so that on days when it is nice I make time for garden work maybe I will be ready for spring when it gets here. I have always dreamed of a work schedule that only required me to be there when it was raining so that I could take maximum advantage of the nice weather we have in the NW. I really do need to pay more attention to the weather forecasts as I plan my work schedule. Part of resilience is being flexible to accommodate changes in weather. Hmm I really do need to plan my schedule with that in mind.


There is hope for my gardening efforts as I still have one squash from last year left. It has kept well and will be eaten by the end of February. Now if my garden plan works and I can get twice as many this year they should last until May when there will be fresh greens available.  That assumes that I store them well or preserve them in other ways. Again I am back to the need for good planning. Ah yes the ultimate flexible plan!


Good planning and happy anticipation of spring!

Tom Anderson

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