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We are getting close to having 1,000 Transition Whatcom registered members on the ning site! This is a great achievement and it means it’s time for us to become more active and visible in the community. Some of the best ways for you to help out are to:

1) Become a member of the Transition Whatcom Operating Group (TWOG)

2) Become an active leader of one of the Working groups

3) Volunteer to either help support working group activities or to help spread the word about the Transition movement.

The TWOG is a small group (with 8 or so members) that meets every other week to identify opportunities and plan for Transition Whatcom activities that will help spread awareness of the Transition movement, support working group activities and work with like minded organizations that support Transition related activities. The time commitment is only a few hours a week but now is a critical time as we plan for next year’s efforts. Contact Warren Miller at to find out more.

The working groups are the way activities are created and executed by Transition Whatcom and an active leader (one who regularly gets the group together for potlucks, planning sessions and work days) is critical to energizing and making visible TW efforts within the community. If you have a passion for a specific TW related activity consider becoming more active in a work group and getting the members together for a potluck or other event. Once you build some momentum it becomes easier to hold meetings and organize. The TWOG can provide help, training and suggestions if you are interested but need some support to get started. Contact if you want more information.

If you are more interested in volunteering than planning and leading there are several opportunities to help out. Make sure you join the working groups you are interested in and participate, where able, in planned work day activities. If you want to help with TW outreach (publicity, tabling, posting signs, etc) consider joining the TW Outreach Volunteers Working Group at

Now is a great time to become more active. With 1,000 members we now have an opportunity to make significant and visible positive changes in our community to increase resilience and self reliance. In what way will YOU be part of the change?

Thanx, Warren

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