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Hi all,

I'm a new member here but have my educational roots in B'ham from my days at Western in the '80's. It's wonderful to be back in this county and my country.

I was reading through some of the blogs and see how many are practicing long-held beliefs and ethics, living in a conscious and harmonious way with the land. I have done this for a very long time, and gradually had to let go completely in Mexico because of the blatant lack of respect for the environment there. Some places in Mexico are pristine and beautiful but I certainly saw my fair share of some the the ugliest things I've ever seen and for the entire time I was there I wondered WHY the people are so unconscious of the land.....the closer to the border the worse it is, it seems. The south of Mexico is much different, lush with excellent soil and of course, the most wonderful coffee in the world.

I saw guards with machine guns every day and got used to it. To my knowledge though, I never heard any gunshots and felt very safe there. Speaking Spanish makes all the difference.

I see how things have progressed here, how the short growing season affects us still, but how we are learning and sharing and it is truly wonderful.

While I am not an activist, I do enjoy learning about different methods and technologies (or old fashioned hands-on) methods of sustainability. I applaud my country for its efforts.

Mexico recycles naturally...the poverty stricken go through the garbage every night and take the recyclables. It seems to work there. Schools ask local small businesses to put out collection boxes for plastic bottles so that they can purchase equipment; it is manifesting in a very different way there.

The Mexican rainforests have been and are still being ravaged by illegal logging and it is a real threat to the ecosystems there and elsewhere. I saw logging trucks in Oaxaca carrying away beautiful hardwood logs. Not for houses, however, because it is illegal for houses to be made of wood in Mexico due to the family that owns Cemex; Mexico does have its barons that control everything. Houses are constructed from breezeblocks and rebar with no insulation.

Anyway, I will continue to peruse this lovely site and see where I can fit in.

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