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As we make our way to a lower level of cheap energy use we need to find ways to increase our energy for our own personal Transitions. Daily life can sometimes drain our energy for doing the hard work of Transition- with new worries about the economy, climate change, the growing rifts in our culture (just to name a few) we can end up finding ourselves to drained to make progress on thew tasks we need to do to prepare.


I have found that making the time (and saving the energy) so I can attend a periodic Transition Whatcom event can charge my battery and give me the energy I need to push forward. For me the recent Literature Live Event at Village Books was a great example of this. A very inspiring video from Rob Hopkins, discussion moderated by David MacLeod and a presetation by Chris Wolf on River Haven Farm as well as the interaction with the 25 or so attendees was what I needed to get my transition energy flowing.


If you find just one event a month to attend you will discover a wealth of untapped energy awaits. An it is renewable!


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